“Me Time” is Still Possible

It is OK to pay attention to our own needs sometimes (Photo Credit: Mousso d’Afrika)

 Are you a mother wondering what has become of your “me time”? You are not alone. I have been asking myself this question for nearly three years now. And there are a million other mothers out there that are grappling with similar question: “where’s my ‘me time’?”

In the world of motherhood, “me time” is that special kid-free, stress-free, self-pampering moment that every mother deserves here and there. It is all about making self-care a priority, in addition to being a mother. And in as much as this may sound ridiculous, it is OK to pay attention to our own needs sometimes.  Having yourself a “me time” doesn’t make you a self-centered mom. Besides, everyone needs a “me time”.

When It Existed

Prior to motherhood, I spent all of my time on me. And by that, I mean just me: I would go on an all-day shopping spree; spending an entire Saturday afternoon hopping from one superstore to the other while enjoying the ambiance of high-end shopping malls. I would go to the movies nearly every weekend. I visited the various museums, and zoos. I would take on or take down an entire novel in less than three days. I also spent time pampering myself at a spa, hair or nails salon — just because I could, and so, I did.

Back then, it was a case of the ideal “me time”. That’s just how life worked—everything was about me.  But once I became a parent, my life changed forever.  Someone else became my prime focus, my priority. 

I realized that in the real world of motherhood, “me time” rarely exists mainly because (a) today’s kids are super needy, always scrambling for mommy’s attention and affection, (b) motherhood combined with a full-time job can be super overwhelming, and (c) motherhood combined with endless housework  can be extremely tasking.

Today’s kids are super needy, always scrambling for mommy’s attention and affection

But guess what? If you don’t take a break from these super long, demanding days of motherhood, you risk becoming a burned-out parent. Trust me, I’ve been there. I was once a mommy on the brink of breaking and I know just how that feels. 

Bring Back “Me Time

Granted, being a mother is an incredibly important job. But motherhood does not exclusively define a woman. Long before motherhood, you were a woman with big dreams and aspirations. You were a friend, a sister, a colleague. Though being a mother is extremely wonderful, you still need to focus on yourself at times. Besides, an emotionally and physically well-rested woman is properly equipped to be an awesomely sweet mother to her children.

Here are a few tips for flushing out that feeling of chronic stress:

  • Try skipping out sometime to visit the mall. Go on a shopping spree – believe me, its therapeutic
  • Treat yourself to a cozy, rejuvenating bubble bath – mothers, too, deserve to be pampered
  • Take a deserving vacation – don’t worry, the kids will survive without your protection, direction and affection for a day or two.
  • Sporadic ladies’ night outs with friends can be truly dandy as well.

Always remember that caring  for yourself for a couple of hours or days recharges your energy to take on those endless mommy duties.

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