Farewell to My Precious Mother

ABIDJAN It has been 40+ days since my precious mom left me. Her name was Koné, Fanta; she was born June 08, 1959 and made her peaceful transition on June 11th, 2019. Though I missed the opportunity of being with her when she passed, I am uber grateful for the privilege and honor to care for her. She made me laugh; she taught me to be strong and encouraged me to be independent in action and thought. Teeyah (as she was affectionate called) was an inseparable part of my life and world, and I was heartbroken the day she left. Below is a brief pictorial of a 40-day memorial and prayer service held in her honor.

(L-R) – My maternal aunt who’s also my mom’s look-alike and my paternal aunt
The event was graced by several imams
A cross section of mourners at my adorable mother’s 40-day prayer service
Members of my paternal family
We are grateful for the unending, unbending support of friends and family

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