Doctors said She Won’t Have a Baby

⁃ Now, She’s a Miracle Mom

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Rasheeda was told on several occasions that conception, whether naturally or not, was impossible for her. Why? Well, not a single gynecologist could provide a convincing response to this question throughout her active search for a child.

Any woman would dread hearing that she had zero chance of having a child of her own.

“I was hit harder each time a gynecologist told me that conception was impossible for me. It broke my heart,” she recalls.

Hearing that she had no chance of having a baby shattered ALL her dreams. Rasheeda yearned to experience motherhood, but always received a devastating blow whenever she saw a GYN.

“I would ask why, but got nothing tangible from them. They (gynecologists) looked away whenever I began asking probing questions to better understand my condition. They left me feeling empty, not knowing what my options (if any) were.”

The Miracle Baby

On September 24, 2019, Rasheeda went on to defy the odds….and, she did so BIG TIME. She had a cute baby boy, COMPLETELY NATURALLY.

“When we found out that conceiving a baby, naturally or not, would be highly unlikely for us, I was destroyed. My dreams were smashed. But I turned to my Lord in prayers. So, when I eventually fell pregnant, we both thought it was a miracle. I had no idea I would go on to have the cutest baby boy ever,” she states, with bloodshot eyes.

Of course, this was an excruciatingly painful experience for Rasheeda. But she never grew impatient or stopped praying for a change in her condition. Her patience never ran out, and that kept her attitude unchanged. She never once entertained such thoughts as: “Why is this happening to me”? “Am I not good enough?” “What did I do so wrong to deserve all of this?” Rather, she prayed, believed and waited for His perfect timing.

“It’s all about faith (prayer) and patience,” she states. “I’ve learned that prayer is wonderfully powerful. But having the patience to go along with prayer changes everything. Allah does answer prayers, but in His timing. My formula has always been this: practice patience and fully rely on Him through prayer.”

Indeed, with prayer and patience, nothing is impossible.

“When you have been told several times that you won’t have children and then you are blessed enough to go on to have one, you can’t help but give thanks to the Almighty,” she notes. “It was never my battle to fight. So, I turned to Him in prayer.  I love being a mum. I was born to do it and I feel blessed to be.”

Well, there you have it. Never underestimate the power of patience combined with prayer; they go hand-in-hand. And as they say, “it takes two………” It takes patience and prayer to get there.

The Power of Patience & Prayer

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