Academic Task Avoidance: A Subtle Struggle

Mimi, a BSc. candidate, admits she has always been a pessimist. Her anxiety steadily increased when she started college. She spent last Saturday locked up in her apartment, heavily surrounded by multiple textbooks, notepads, pens, a calculator, a MacBook Pro and screamingly colorful sticky notes and flashcards. She would briefly gaze at her laptop screen, browse through a full-page rubric for clear descriptions of the various parts of a term paper she had to complete and submit before or by 11:59PM eastern time on Sunday. It wasn’t until 10:00PM on Saturday when Mimi finally took on this five-page research paper that is worth 20% of her final course grade. Continue reading “Academic Task Avoidance: A Subtle Struggle”

Africa’s Bleaching Syndrome Needs a Natural Skin Movement

An embargo is only a drop in the ocean as it relates to Africa’s fight against colorism

“Will a ban solve Africa’s bleaching problem?” This is one of many critical questions readers have asked in response to my post on African countries drastically cracking down on the sale of bleaching products containing hydroquinone.

Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Rwanda have each taken a daring stand against the toxic lightening industry. These African countries have outlawed the sale of chemical whiteners, such as Maxi-White, Néoprosone, and Caro-White,  for health reasons. Violators are fined heavily and charged with criminal offense. But users’ addiction to bleaching creams, injectables, soap, or lotion leaves many to wonder if a ban is truly the answer to Africa’s widespread bleaching problem. Continue reading “Africa’s Bleaching Syndrome Needs a Natural Skin Movement”

Bleaching Blackness will NOT Stop  

A hot topic that rocked the internet last week was the banning of bleaching products by Rwanda because these chemicals are dangerous. Like Ghana, Rwanda has declared skin bleaching a serious public health issue. Whitening products contain harmful ingredients that expose users to chronic diseases such as kidney failure, studies have found.  However, while we commend Rwanda’s move, we are tempted to note that bleaching blackness will still go on, regardless. Continue reading “Bleaching Blackness will NOT Stop  “

Nonprofit Internet Marketing Tips

The quality of an NPO’s website is key to its competitiveness when it comes to attracting new donors

In today’s hyper competitive economic environment, businesses, including those operating within the nonprofit world, are under intense pressure to increase their effectiveness to attract and maintain the funding they need to continue to meet or exceed their mission. Fortunately, the internet, a key bridge-builder connecting nonprofits (NPOs) with the donor community, plays an incredible role in facilitating dialogue between NPOs and their supporters and, or donors. Though most charities are exploiting the limitless opportunities presented by the internet to connect and interact with donors, the quality of an NPO’s website is key to its competitiveness when it comes to attracting new donors while maintaining existing donors.   Continue reading “Nonprofit Internet Marketing Tips”

Should Nonprofits Appease Funders’ Overhead Concerns?

Funders are increasingly skeptical about how their donated resources are managed

This remains one of the hot topics of the nonprofit world, considering the hard fact that today’s nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are subjected to funding restrictions. The thing is, donors are not always confident that their philanthropic dollars will be used for their intended purposes. This is their way of reacting to the sector’s undignified credibility after years of exposure to public disrepute over reports of fiscal indiscipline on the part of NPOs—leaving the sector with a stained image. Public scrutiny of overhead costs is the biggest challenge facing today’s NPO managers. However, in order to allow for effective spending, sound infrastructure, and ultimately generate charitable giving, NPOs must not succumb to intimidation induced by donors’ persistent demand for low overhead expenses. Continue reading “Should Nonprofits Appease Funders’ Overhead Concerns?”

Nonprofit Management Tips: The Risky Deficits  

Successive deficits indicate unrealistic budgeting and can undermine a nonprofit’s objectives  

I recently had the opportunity to analyze the 2015 and 2016 operating budgets of a prominent Maryland-based nonprofit organization (NPO), thanks to the IRS for mandating nonprofits to make their audited financial statements readily available for public scrutiny. Interestingly, I found that both fiscal years ended in the red. Continue reading “Nonprofit Management Tips: The Risky Deficits  “