African Prints: Timeless Beauties

 Deep yellow, blue, pink, or red fabrics sold per yard, African textiles are distinctive for their bold patterns and bubbly colors. These timeless beauties are expressly infused with the rich history and culture of Africa, especially West Africa where the chicest of these prints have continued to dominate the textile industry for decades. In fact, these all-time  classic prints are currently experiencing a HUGE resurgence in popularity and I can’t help but go with the flow.

Last week, Salimatou Fofana, a fiercely talented textile dealer based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, sent me images of prints that she believes have remained hugely popular in West Africa since the 60s.

“They are still the newest sensation in town. Nearly every woman is eager to have at least one of these edgy and cool prints in her wardrobe. No traditional wedding is compete without one of these making the list of dowry items,” she said.

Salimatou is the founder and CEO of Tissus Éternels, a chic and fashionably fierce boutique based in Abidjan, La Côte d’Ivoire.

Her disclosure had me wondering if prints like Pain-chaud (Hot bread), Mon-mari-capable (My husband is capable), Hommes Ingrats (Ungrateful men), Grotto (Well-off), Fleurs Ba (Big flowers), La-main-diamant (Diamond Hand), among many trendiest African fabrics, will ever go out of style. The truth is, these edgiest prints have stood the test of time with African tailors and professional designers producing groundbreaking styles from the fabrics season after season, year after year.

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